Transparency Portal

Welcome to the transparency portal for the exploration of an airport investment partnership with St. Louis Lambert International Airport. We are following through with the requirement by the City of St. Louis to inform the public on this potential transaction as outlined in the City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen Resolution 220.

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Community Outreach Calendar

  • 6-20-19 Updated Community Outreach Calendar
    • 6/27 St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association 7:00pm
  • 4-09-19 Community Outreach Calendar
    • 4/11 Barr Library 5:30pm
    • 4/18 Benton Park West Neighborhood Association 7:00pm
    • 4/18 Julia Davis Library 6:00pm
    • 4/20 Machackek Library 12:00pm
    • 4/22 Clifton Heights Neighborhood Association (CHNA) 7:00pm
    • 4/25 Academy/ Sherman Park 6:00pm
    • 4/27 Fountain Park/ Lewis Place 10:00am
    • 4/27 Baden Library 2:00pm
    • 5/29 Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Association 7:00pm

Airport & Process Related Meetings